Meditation: Three finger technique

The meditation term alone goes beyond just few letters. This is a state of wonder, bliss and serenity. An untrained mind can be under a constant turmoil and which makes it lose its focus on various tasks at hand.

There are wonderful events when people experience inexplicable phenomenon that has changed their lives or to be precise sorted their lives for good. One of the ways to bring such changes in your life is meditation. As a beginner, you can try the three finger technique described in this article.

The positive effects of meditation

There are many health benefits comes along with meditation if performed regularly or at least often. Some to enlist would be increased awareness, deduction of negative emotions coming of multiple ways to manage your stress, prolonged patience and endurance, alleviated focus and other mental factors which have a great influence on the quality of life of every human being. The list goes on as you will experience over time.

The meditation technique by Jose Silva

There are multiple or hundreds of ways to perform meditation. Which one would be best is subjected to one’s own preferences and what exactly suits this particular person. Let’s look at one of the most popular meditation techniques established by Jose Silva. This was a man who took a deep dive into mind and with his and his colleagues extensive research came up with the Silva method. This method is one of the effective ways to tap into one’s highest potential. Today we will look at one the technique that a quick tap to your inner state where things begin to happen with “Three finger technique”.

Perform counting

Site down somewhere in a comfortable position and a somewhat quiet place. Take a deep breath slowly and count from 1 to 5 with an interval of pause as you inhale. Then count 1 to 7 as you exhale with the same interval. do it for 5 to 8 times. Then close your eyes and stay in that moment. Then begin to count from 50 to one or if you have already experimented with meditation techniques, you can do it from 10 to 1. As you count down occasionally repeat that you are going deeper and deeper in your sub conscious mind where magic happens.

As you come close to 3, associate this number with your physical relaxation. Meaning, every time you think or come across this number you will feel much relaxed physically. Then associate number 2 with mental relaxation. Then number one with deeper level of mind.

Reach the deeper level of meditation

When you reach the deeper level of mind with the count of 1. Take a moment to observe the state and feel it all so well. Now you will repeat this affirmation 3 times, “As I bring my first three fingers of either hand together, I will be in a deep state of mind”.

Then bring in your index, thumb and third finger together. Now you can perform any visualization technique or affirm anything in present tense mentally aloud or use this level of mind for the betterment of yours and your surroundings. You will always be positive at this level of mind and you will know exactly what to say or do with this level of mind.

A funny thing is you can never harm yourself or anyone at this level of mind. With any such intent you will just pop up of the level. If you can teach your mind to adapt this marvellous technique, soon you will be surprised what waits for you.

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  1. Love this technique! I actually reached the positivisty in my mind with this meditation technique.

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