Everything you need to know about fruit flies

Having fruit flies inside your house is like having one of those unwanted visitor whether this visitor is a human or some distant planet being. Fruit flies can be rather annoying. While they are not harmless as in, they won’t bite you or sting you, but they do fly around with various unhygienic substances that you certainly don’t want around you or your family.

If you do not get rid of these insects pretty quickly, your home soon can be filled with hordes of fruit flies. This article will give you some suggestions for getting rid of this species of flies.

Where can you find fruit flies?

These fruit flies can be distinguished by their giant red eyes and annoying presence everywhere where they can feel anything yummy. For this specious of flies, such things are certainly anything containing at least the smallest amount of sugar, so their menu is not necessarily limited to fruits as they can also flourish on various vegetables and other foods.

Of course, there very first place they can get is anywhere where they have access to the food which includes sugar. Actually, these flies can cause fermentation of sugars and make the products faster than they can do on their own.

Are fruit flies dangerous?

One of the worst thing is that this flies can multiply like crazy and would want to chill inside your house with occasional swoop right in the fruits or food with sweet and strong aroma. For the geeks, these are also called Drosophila melanogaster. They can show up any time of the year, although it should be warm enough. Yet, unlike many insects which will not appear until it is warm outside, these flies will appear at home even if it is extremely cold outside. To keep them uninvited and shut the house down on them, there are few things you can do to make sure that you are doing everything from your end to keep fruit flies away.

Keep your house neat

One of the way is to keep your rubbish clean, no pun intended. Just your ordinary junk container. Take it out as often as possible. Since that thing is like a massive source of food for them, you certainly don’t want to have anything such in your house. Take the trash bin out and clean it regularly, still, pay particular attention to the organic residuals as this is what fruit flies require for growth.

You can use any cleaning products you want, however, you can consult with the store staff who really knows what you are talking about.

There are also other ways of cleaning your trash bin. For example, you can pour a half cup of baking soda. Keep it like that for about 20 minutes and pour in a cup of vinegar. Let it get mixed and use the mixture for washing the bin. Rinse it with hot water afterwards. These should keep the flies disappointed at your house.

Build a trap for flies

Unfortunately, with fruit flies washing things is not enough and you will need to catch all of the insects in order to really get rid of them. This can be done with the help of a special trap for flies.

One of the best shots would be to fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and leave it in the place where there is a particularly large number of fruit flies at your home. The strong essence of apple cider will work as a trap bait.

You can also make some alternations to your trap if you are dealing with hundreds of flies at a time which can happen especially during summers. Do this. Pour in cup of drops of liquid dish washer and add some vinegar. Warm it up a little in the oven. The increase of the temperature will make vinegar permeate your house with its strong smell. This will surely attract the insects and they will get inside the trap.

One more weapon you can make at home is mixing some isopropyl alcohol with water. Give the mixture a little shake and start spraying it on the insects. This mixture will help you to kill the flies.


Another measure you can take is to keep the fruits in much cooler region of your house or cover them up. Do this especially for the fruits that are high in sugar. Note, their favourite fruits would be banana, melons, apples and in fact, tomatoes as well.

There are also, lot of devices out there that work as a trap bait for flies. You can surely get some good help from these.

While these flies are harmless, there are cases when they left people with some rash on skin or some mini reddish bumps where they landed. It is not a big deal and this condition goes away over time. Still this could be a serious for the people with high sensitivity upon contact. Since they do carry various germs and bacteria with them.