The meditation 5 to 1 technique

In the age of the fast-paced world we are living in, stress and anxiety often crawls up from the inside. For some this can even make a person static. Fortunately, there is always meditation at your disposal with no need for expensive equipment or for any perfect time or place. You can simply start meditating anywhere you want. Of course, not while you are driving your car or any other time of having such outside attention heavy priorities. Meditation has been around for ages and ages.

Almost every age people ripped the fruitful state of meditation.

The Silva method for meditation

Meditation is suggested by lot of experts of various industries including doctors. This will immensely help you to deal with stress with a new perception for each person.

Today we will dive into one of the 5 to 1 method popularized by Jose Silva from the “The Silva method” book. This one requires quite a bit of your time, approximately 25 minutes or less. If you have been doing the 3 to 1 method for meditation, you will greatly benefit from this one and if you have not tried  the 3 to 1 method, the meditation technique by Silva will be the perfect place to start.

The first steps of the process

You should sit in a comfortable position and start by focusing on your breathing and relaxing yourself. Now you stare 20 degrees above the horizontal level and hold it there for few seconds until you feel your eye lid getting heavier or fatigue.

At this point you will visualise number 5 several times. As you feel your eye lid fatigue you will close your eyes. Now visualise number 4 several times. You will tell yourself, you are going deeper than before and if there is any danger or emergency you will wake up immediately and feeling wide awake and fine.

The next phase of the meditation

Now you proceed down to 3 and we will spend some time here.

You should associate this number with your complete physical relaxation. You should start focusing on the layer of your scalp, and feel the blood flowing, warm and tingling feelings then you intentionally relax them. Then you should move down doing this with every part of your body from forehead, to cheeks, eye lids and surrounding, neck, shoulder, chest, abdomen, legs and finally your feet.

As you get down to your feet, you will need to focus on your toes and feel yourself going deeper. Then pay your attention to your soles and heels and feel yourself going deeper and deeper. When you are done,  you will draw your attention from there to your legs, knees, thighs, waist, shoulders and arms and you will be able to feel as if they were not a part of your body. You will need to repeat this 3 times and then take a moment to absorb all of this in.

Number 2

Then proceed down to number 2, of course visualising the number. Recall some beautiful relaxing scenes from the memory or create one and hold on to that. Maybe a seashore, forests, hills, a blue sky anything you find serene to look at. You then associate this number with your mental relaxation.

The final stage

Next proceed down to number 1 and be in that state. At this point you have to drop your brain frequency to higher chaos to significantly lower level where magic takes place. This is the level where you can tap into your abundance of potential, health, wealth and anything you want to do will be seeded right here and grow from within to without.

After a while you count from 1 to 5 with a pause at 3 repeating “at the count of 5 I will be wide awake, feeling fine and better than before”. You will feel unbelievably relaxed and much more positive if you do the whole process properly.