The underlying mechanism of meditation

Everything that we see, feel and interact with on a daily basis, seen, unseen, have a rhythm behind it which helps it to operate and function properly. Most of these things can be measured in the form of waves. Light, sounds, absolutely everything has a vibration that can be measures in wavelengths. This is true for our human mind as well. In fact, the vibratory level we tend to live in decides our state of health and mind.

We all at some point come across the term ‘meditation’. Some may have had some experience with it and others may have never tried it. For both of these group of people, if you wonder how meditation works beneath the hood, this article will provide you with curious information.

A scientific approach to describing the state of mind

Human mind and its state can be measure in wavelength by the help of an electroencephalogram or the EEG technique. By hooking the wire of special equipment to your head your mind state can be measured in CPS or Cycles Per Second. There are four levels of the basic wave types and their corresponding states of mind. They are usually referred to as beta, alpha, theta and delta.

The beta state

When you are in beta, this is our normal wakeful state when we carry on about our day to day wakeful tasks such as this while you reading this article.

At this stage, brain wave produce CPS from 14 to 40. An average person a day at an average time typically produces 21 CPS. When there is anger, resentment, jealousy, fear and other negative emotions, the energy produced at the level of around 22 to 25 or more CPS. This higher state of CPS is proven to be the underlying reason of poor health, diseases, illnesses and generally a culprit for influences that halt one’s daily life.

The alpha state

In the alpha state, 8 to 13 CPS is being produced. The alpha stage is the stage of serenity, calmness and relaxation. This stage is also the time when people dream. This is the state of absolute bliss.

The theta state

In the theta state, The CPS goes something from 5 to 7. As you can see, it is even lower than the level of the alpha state. That is so since this is the state of deep, relaxing sleep.

The delta

When we are in the state of delta, we go to a deep unconscious sleep. We are not aware of our surroundings or anything. At this stage on half to 4 CPS is produced.

Meditation and the brain frequency

Meditation works in such a way as you take control over one of these stage and utilize it for your own benefits. Training our mind to utilize one of these states can significantly bring changes in our lives.

As we have seen, the higher CPS can lead to a real chaos or in fact no control over ourselves, for instance, the one which occurs during an epileptic seizure.

You gain increased awareness, more at present, full of presence, a new perception to deal with stress and in control of your vital energy forces. There are tons of forms of meditation out there depending on your needs. If either one of them is done for 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis, you will soon feel the noticeable changes in your mind and body. Meditation can be performed to just keep our mind at ease and peace with harmony or this can be utilized to achieve any positive purpose of your life.